Precision Audiences

Segmented & Curated Audience data using Mobile Device ID

Alive Data has huge data assets which provide unique insights on all consumer smartphones within its data universe, where we know their habits, their commute, their personal interests in the digital world and we can even track and map how many times they purchase something online.

We call this a consumers “digital footprint”, where we map these footprints and apply cutting edge data science to create a “Digital DNA”.

We then group the profiles to create curated precision audiences to fulfill our clients target audience briefs thus providing a unique and streamline approach for our clients to activate their marketing campaign via their digital agency or in-house marcomm teams.

Segmented & Curated Audience data using Personal Information

Alive Data collects on a regular basis consumer consented personal information (PII) under the guidelines of GDPR and Countries specific Privacy Policy’s and accumulates, measures, and derives insights from different third-party sources to create enhanced profiles of consumers. We collect data through various means such as, Lead Generation, Brand Campaigns, Competitions, Online Surveys and via affiliate networks and we mine, create and curate audience segments from the mass datasets. We append on an ongoing basis new and insightful knowledge to audience segments, with the aim of helping organisations meet their business and marketing goals.

Find and target your ideal Audiences

Precision Targeting

Since we are using tools that are very close to a person, their mobile phone device, we have only 0.2% margin of error for our data accuracy.

Unique Data

Every person has unique and different digital habits and behavior. Their Digital DNA, so we specifically curate this data into groups to create our precision audiences.

Fresh Segments

Our data curation will always be maintained to ensure recency and relevance. By tracking mobile phone data, our data will keep updating and following the user behavior.

Profiling & Segmentation

Alive Data builds insights across a variety of consumer segments. This allows you access to ready-made lists custom built audiences on a massive scale and depth across the APAC region to suit your product/service, enhance your marketing efforts and improve ROI.

Life Stages
  • Career and Kids
  • College Students
  • Job Seekers
  • Recent Movers
  • Singles
  • Working Parents

  • Air Travelers
  • Bus / Metro Users
  • Business Travelers
  • Leisure Travelers
  • Rail Travelers
  • Road Travelers
  • Travelers

Interests and Activities
  • Dance Lovers
  • Gamers
  • News Readers
  • Non-Profit Volunteer
  • Reading Enthusiasts
  • Tech Enthusiasts
  • TV Watchers

General Demography
  • Females: 15.5M
  • Males: 11.4M
  • 19-24: 8.9M
  • 25-34: 11.6M
  • 35-49: 17.8M
  • Older (50+): 110K

  • Bargain Shoppers
  • Big Box Retailer Shoppers
  • Fashion Followers
  • Holiday Shoppers
  • Hotel Shoppers
  • Quick Service Restaurant (QSR)
  • Customers
  • Sports and Outdoors Shoppers
  • Toys, Kids, and Baby Shoppers
  • Retail Product Lovers
  • Upscale Shoppers
  • Young and Hip Shoppers

  • 3G Device Consumers
  • 4G Device Consumers
  • Carrier > Excelcom
  • Carrier > Hutchison 3
  • Carrier > Indosat Ooredoo
  • Carrier > Telkomsel
  • Downloaders
  • Dual Sim Phone Users
  • High Data Users
  • Switchers

  • Alternative Music Lovers
  • Movie Lovers
  • Music Streamers
  • Pop Culture Lovers
  • Rap / Hip Hop Lovers
  • Social Gamers
  • Entertainment Lovers
  • Video Watchers

  • Golf Fans
  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Soccer Enthusiasts
  • Sports Enthusiasts
  • Sports Lovers

  • Computer Industry Professionals
  • Business Lovers
  • Finance Industry Professionals
  • Technology Industry Professionals
  • Small Business Owners

Nielsen DAR
  • Females: 5.3M
  • Males: 4.7M
  • 18-24: 3.2M
  • 25-34: 8.9M
  • 35-44: 636K
  • 45-54: 665K

Food and Drink
  • Foodies / Cooking Enthusiasts
  • Restaurant Frequenters
  • Food Lovers

Health and Fitness
  • Diet and Weight Loss
  • Exercise Enthusiasts
  • Runners and Cyclists

  • Arts Lovers
  • Museum and Theater Goers
  • Photo and Video Enthusiasts

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