Demand-Side Platform (DSP)

Campaign Automation

Eliminate the need for an entire team of marketers by using campaign Alive Campaign Automation. Only one-time set-up for the entire work funnel across exposure to retargeting and retaining phases. The triggers for dynamic ads could be but not limited to:

  • Clicked on ads after x times seeing
  • Seeing ads x times but not clicking
  • Visit website but do nothing (bounce)
  • Browsing x pages
  • Abandoned cart
  • Purchase any product
  • Purchase specific product
  • Purchase product from category
  • Using specific coupon codes
  • Birthdays
  • Not re-ordering after x week(s)
  • Signing up on newsletter/email
  • Sent newsletter/email
  • Opened newsletter/email
  • Not opened newsletter/email
  • Clicked link on newsletter/email
  • Clicked on specific link on newsletter/email

End-to-End Campaign Management

With an array of powerful and complex tools from, you will need a ‘command center’ that delivers faster insights, improved collaboration and faster results.

Media Planning

Built-in workspace to build a cohesive media plan. Explore all inventory and publishers selections here.

Automated Bidding

Reach your goals without having to optimize all of your campaigns manually. Fueled by machine learning algorithm

Scalable Data Solutions

Whether you’re a small business owner or a multi-national company that manages thousands of campaigns at the same time, you need data-tools that can scale. Easily make changes across multiple campaigns. Group the data and combine it across campaigns and run advanced analyses.

Fraud Detection & Reporting

Alive DSP uses sophisticated filters and manual reviews to prevent you from paying for invalid clicks, impressions,interactions or view.

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