Data Management Platform (DMP)

Targeting Variables

Alive Data develops highly targetable audiences with a vast amount of segmentation selections.

  1. Demography
    Socio-economic data that describes a user. Demography includes attributes such as: Gender, Age, Income, Education Level, Geographic Location and access technology such as Device ID, Brand, Type, ISP, etc.
  2. Interests and Behaviour
    Covers all data associated with a user’s hobbies, passions, things they search and read about. It ranges from music, sports, books, movies, cars etc.
  3. Purchase Intention
    This variable is very crucial for eCommerce. Our Audience Analytics capabilities are a core feature of our platform, creating the highest level of targetable audiences where recent search and engagement across specific products such as laptops, cars, electronics etc determines a user’s intention to purchase.
  4. Brands Segments
    Alive Data creates Brand Segments variables, where audiences are divided into segments of specific global brands, creating a brand ‘taxonomy’ that can be used to further define the target audience. Based on continual Big Data analysis, marketers can on demand check profiles of users who are more frequently exposed to contact with a brand, e.g. have read an article, visited products website or watched video about specific brand.

    With such variables that can be ‘mixed and matched’, marketers can create laser-targeted audiences ongoing.  For example, young people (21-25 y.o) in Jakarta with a middle-high income level who likes to go to the gym and looking for a new pair of shoes and they have been watching review videos for some specific Nike products.

Data Studio

Alive Data Studio is a data unifying dashboard that is real-time, detailed and ‘smart’.

360 Integration and Unification
Alive Data Studio is designed to Integrate and Unite data in one single location. Integrate seamlessly and easily from any source or application including spreadsheet, Google Ads, Facebook Ads Manager, or any DSP.

Alive Insights
Explore your raw data and gain deeper insights by integrating it with Alive Data Studio. Continually enrich your data via our massive databases and insights. Alive Data Studio insights enables your organisation to access a ready-to-use highly targeted audiences from our database as well as segmenting, curating and creating lookalike audiences that meet your specific needs.

Alive Visualizations
Create and share engaging reports and data visualizations, with a wide selection of popular marketing metrics or create your own custom metrics with ‘x and y’ dimensions.

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