Ads Analytics (AA)

Ads Grading

Confused at what’s the best kind of visual, CTA or copy for your audience? Use Alive Ads Grading System, upload your ad and we will analyze it by comparing your ads with hundreds of great performing ads that are shown to similar audiences. Need inspiration? Then take a look at Alive Ads Gallery:

Heatmap Grading

  • Do you want to know what part of your ads or landing page that attracts your audience’s attention the most?
  • Do you want to do an experiment with a new visual but are afraid to ruin an already well-performing campaign and waste your marketing budget?

By using Clicks Heatmap Analysis we can see the most interesting part of our ads according to our very own target audience. Decide what kind of visual that needs to be improved or taken out from the design. Do an A/B Testing with it. All data-driven. No more (subjective) assumptions.

Budget-to-Performance Forecasting

Every marketer wants to know how efficient and effective they are in their campaigns. They want to know that every cent of the dollar is spent on the best effort to make sales. On Alive Ads Analytics, by combining Ads Grading System and Click Heatmap Tracking and analyzing them both with the help of AI and machine learning, we could have an ‘educated guess’ on the amount of ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).

This pre-campaign forecasting tool is very powerful because it helps to give the marketer a much clearer view of the bigger picture before executing a campaign and to manage their expectation. The forecast will only get better and more accurate as the campaign goes because it feeds on real data and metrics like impressions, CTR and conversion rate. It can also give you insights and recommendations based on the analysis on what needs to be improved from the campaign.

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