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Alive Media Global was established in 2019 as a merger of media, agency, data and ecommerce businesses. Alive Media Global is headquartered in Singapore, and has offices in Jakarta, Australia and Hong Kong.

Alive Data – A division of Alive Media Global formed to help businesses leverage big data to improve their marketing efforts. With a combined 30+ years’ experience in Big Data, Digital Media, E-commerce and Marketing Alive Data manages a depth and breadth of first and third-party data universe, made up of consumer-consented Personal Identification Information (PII) and Device ID information and insights from marketing campaigns on behalf of brands and marketing organisations.  Our aim is to be the leading Data-Driven Audience enabling marketing company in the Asia Pacific Region.

Through active brand campaigns, promotions and working with third-party data channels across the APAC region, we have built invaluable insight into consumers, their interests and behaviour. As a result, we’ve amassed extensive datasets of segmented and profiled personas for targeting both online and offline on a mass scale.

Our focus is to deliver exceptional ROI for our client’s and digital agencies marketing campaigns by leveraging our data solutions and technology across consumer insights, targeted audiences and campaign activations tailored to help our clients achieve their marketing campaign objectives.

Alive.Online – Ecommerce Solutions for fashion and sports brands.

Our Management Team

At Alive Data, we believe that a dedicated person makes a true difference in overall quality when it comes to the final product.

Adam Bray

Executive Director

[email protected]

Adam’s vast experience in start-ups focuses on identifying & researching entrepreneurial opportunities, deploying business resources & infrastructure for maximum operation and EBITDA efficiency across a variety of industry segments.

Combining passion & expertise to entice, excite and engage consumers through development of unique strategies encompassing a variety of business verticals including digital marketing, big data asset development, fintech, media/event content production & distribution, strategic sales & marketing, product development & distribution across multiple global channels, innovative brand creation, retail & wholesale business operations, tourism & leisure resort development.

Hanni Ishkan

Executive Director

[email protected]

Hanni’s expertise in strategic business development and management had led him to occupied high level positions for global companies handling telecommunication, media, travel and small to medium-sized high-tech entrepreneurial ventures across the Asia Pacific.

He has co-founded startups across APAC since 2004 and also has extensive commercialisation experience across the early stage and startup companies products and services. Known for his personable and highly collaborative approach, Hanni has a track record of helping business, streamline operations, improve sales and enhance their marketing ROI.


Managing Director

[email protected]

Sukmanagara is well known for his professional reputation and comprehensive knowledge in digital technology that led him to contribute in numerous projects for big companies and state-owned enterprises (SOE).

He plays a significant role as a community representative who manage the first and also the biggest online-based community forum in Indonesia. By specialising in multi-platform development, such as softwares, websites, apps and social media channels, Sukmanagara has manage to digitalise countless cross-industry campaigns for FMCG, financial, retail, market place, security, tourism, and many more.

Michael Peel

Head of Product Development


Michael heads up of data science and product development teams. Michael is a Data specialist with over 30 years experience operating in the world of sourcing, management, single point of truth and delivery of verified data to the marketing and KYC industry.

As head of data and development for a number of companies including FCS Online, Pacific Micro Marketing and Experian Australia Michael has intimate knowledge of industry requirements, in country legislative commitments and real-time delivery product requirements set by clients.

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