Our Data Solutions

Identify your ideal customers with direct access to our extensive data universe through our primary data usage channels.

Data Usage Channels

Identity Verification
Precision Audience Targeting
Credit Services
Analytical & Decisioning

Reach More To Achieve More

Alive Data focuses on driving data collection programs across multiple online and offline channels, with continuous profiling and analysis to ensure brands engage with consumers both online and across locations based on geo-location intelligence and targeting.

With millions of GDPR and Privacy compliant consumer personal information (PII) and Mobile Device data profiled Alive Data offers depth and scale for engagement.

Alive Data allows you to target the people who matter most on a mass scale to achieve a greater ROI on your marketing efforts. To find out about how Alive Data can help your business today, Please contact us today.

Optimizing Device ID

Device IDs is a user-specific, resettable identifier which is most commonly looked at as a window into customers’ most preferred device – their smartphone.

Compared to cookies, Device IDs have a much longer lifetime and in addition to that are app-agnostic, meaning that they are the same in each app within the same device, and thus helped for more consistent and accurate audience targeting.

What Sets Alive Data Apart


The depth and breadth of our consumer information is the most comprehensive in the digital marketing ecosystem.


Through our innovative data science and AI expertise, we reveal insights into the behaviour patterns of your customers and prospects.


Using the mobile ID as a persistent key, we create a comprehensive, cross channel view of the customer, tracking online and offline behavior.

We draw on our extensive data universe of over 1.5B Mobile Device IDs across 35 countries, 300M+ consented consumer PII across APAC to create unique precision custom audience segments for your next digital brand campaign.
35+ Countries
25B Mobile Signal Daily
300Million+ Consented PII
50M+ POIs Mapped
1.5B+ Devices
200+ Syndicated Segments
5+ Years of Data
Data from 75K+ Mobile Apps

Providing a hybrid DMP & DSP solution as a “One-stop Solution” for digital marketing purposes.

Covering all pre, during and post campaign phase to make sure all of your marketing expenses are well spent down to every penny, delivered to the right audience that would easily convert as clients or customers, also delivering in-depth and accurate reports for your team to evaluate them as an insight for the next campaign.